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Premium Face Mask


• Four layers of fabric including Two filter layers
   and a water repelling outer layer

• Black on the front and white on the inside.

• Can be worn with glasses without fogging 
   your lenses.

• Built in filter with a PFR rating of greater 
   than 95% anda BFE rating over 99%.

• Adjustable nose piece for better fit.

• Hand wash and hang to dry.

• Swiss Odor Control and Smart Cooling Fabric

• Washable, Reusable, Recyclable

• Durable, Breathable and Comfortable 


• HeiQ Pure Enhanced Layer
   - Antimicrobial and Effective Water Repellent

• HeiQ Viroblock Filter Layer
   - Tested Effectvie Against most bacteria and 

• Nano PTFE Filter Layer
   - Filtering Bacteria Up to 99% (BFE>99)
   - Particles Up to 95% (PFE>95)

• HeiQ Smart Temp Enhanced Layer
   - Activated smart cooling technology and 
     odor control layer


• 8.25in wide x 6.3in tall.


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